Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of my other projects that I've done

Here are 2 outfits that I made for my girlfriend's daughter's 2nd and 4th birthday.

This is my son's halloween costume that I made for him this past year. He absolutely loved his costume this year! He wanted to wear it all the time.

This is a christening gown that I was hired to make from the wedding dress above. I took pictures of the wedding dress before I cut it apart. The wedding dress was owned by the great grandmother of the baby that was going to wear the christening gown. When I finished the gown, I put the pictures of the wedding dress in the box with the dress so they would have the memories of the wedding dress and the grandmother. They really thought it was a special touch.

This is a cake that I did for a friend's son's 1st birthday. He really loves Blue's Clues. I think it came out close.

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  1. You! my dear are an accomplished seamstress......wonderful projects and what fun for your really will be something they always remember.
    Cute scrappin' too.